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Thank you for your interest in Virginia International Gymnastics Schools! We appreciate being given the opportunity to introduce your child to, or further their interest in, the fun and exciting sport of gymnastics! The following information should help answer any questions you may have concerning our administrative policies.


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Completed in January 2008, the Virginia International Gymnastics Schools facility is the largest built-for-gymnastics facility in the central Virginia region!  It was designed from the ground up for safety, fun and the purpose of teaching students and athletes the latest gymnastics techniques!  The 26,600 square foot, air-conditioned center is filled with the latest gymnastics equipment. Click on the Facility page to see more pictures of our gym.


Our team of instructors and coaches at Virginia International Gymnastics Schools are a terrific group of professionals dedicated to providing the most fun, exciting and rewarding gymnastics experience possible for your child! Click on our Staff page for bios of some of our staff members.


Our alumni have gone on to become college athletes, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, coaches, engineers, an Olympian and more!  Click on the Alumni page to see news from some of our former students.

On-Going Enrollment

Students may register at any time, on a space-available basis.  A student who registers after the start of any given term will have their tuition pro-rated to reflect only the number of classes they will be attending.


All registration will be done using the iclasspro app.

Registration Fee
There is a $50 annual registration fee per student.  

There is a 25% discount for families with two or more children enrolled in our Medalist program. The 25% discount is taken off the lesser of tuitions.

There is a 25% discount for a single student taking two separate classes during the same term. The 25% discount is taken off the second class only.

ALL discounts exclude Homeschool Classes that are already discounted. 

Returned Checks
There is a $35 fee charged on checks returned for any reason.

Safety Rules

Make-Ups for Missed Classes

We offer a make-up class for students who miss their regular class due. The make-up is available only in classes that are not full. A make up token is automatically created on iClassPro when a class is missed. Make up tokens are valid for 60 days and up to 5 can be held at a given time. 

Parent Observation and Spectator Supervision

VIGS welcomes parents and guest observation of classes. However, in the interest of safety, the following must be strictly enforced:

  • Parents, sibling, guests and anyone else not enrolled in the class being held at that time, must remain in the designated seating / waiting areas at all times. This area's boundary is marked by the long plexiglass barrier in the lobby.
  • Under no circumstances are adults or children not enrolled in classes allowed on any equipment or matting.
  • Class children should remain seated in the waiting area prior to the start of classes and are not allowed on equipment or matting before that time or after the conclusion of their class.

Student Progress Reports
On the fourth week of every other term, students receive a progress report outlining individual areas of progress. This report will also make a recommendation as to whether the student should move to the next level of classes. The lead teacher can also promote students to the next level during any point in a term if staff feels the student is ready.

Participation Ribbons and Medalist Program
To help encourage children in their pursuit of learning gymnastics skills, participation ribbons are given out on the last week of each term. We reward children with a colorful reminder of the fun they experienced and the skills achieved during that term! The entire set from a years-worth of classes makes for a great display in your child's room and sentimental keepsake for years to come!

For those students with outstanding attendance at VIGS, we provide our Medalist Program of recognition! At the end of our last term of the year:

  • Gold Medals will be awarded for attendance in eight or more terms.
  • Silver Medals will be awarded for attendance in seven terms.
  • Bronze Medals will be awarded for attendance in six terms.

The medals are given out each September!

Private Lessons

VIGS does not offer private lessons. As a courtesy, we will take information from customers wishing to engage in private instruction. That information will be passed along to instructors who may wish to contact the customer to set a private lesson appointment. More than three students in a private lesson must be approved by management. All fees are paid directly to the private lesson instructor.

Inclement Weather Closings

VIGS does not follow city and county school closings for inclement weather. Official class cancellations will be announced on our answering machine at 804-276-7039. When possible, announcements will also be posted at  Make-ups for any classes cancelled by VIGS will be announced at the next regularly scheduled class.

Directions, Address and Phone Number
VIGS is conveniently located just off Genito Road in the Oak Lake Business Park at 2400 Oak Lake Boulevard, Midlothian, Virginia 2311.  Our phone number is 804-276-7039.  Click here for directions.

For the safety of our students and competitive athletes, flash photography is prohibited in the gymnasium areas. Photography in restroom areas is strictly forbidden.

No pets are allowed, except for service animals.

Virginia International Gymnastics Schools, Inc.

2400 Oak Lake Boulevard
Midlothian, Virginia 23112

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